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All Natural Products

We get it! Chemicals are everywhere and they can be scary!

The owner of The Therapy House, Jordan Woodson, knows this story better than most. She began her career in massage therapy and quickly found that she couldn’t tolerate ANY commercial blends of oils and lotions. By the end of the work day she would find that her skin would be red and patchy and she would itch all over. This was intolerable and really forced her to find a solution. After many attempts and purchases of products Jordan decided to take matters into her own hands.

Jordan began blending her own oils in 2005 due to her personal struggle with chemical and nut based products. Being a therapist she had to find a product that was therapeutic and had a good glide for therapy but wouldn’t cause any adverse reactions.

Fast forward to 2016 and you will find that Jordan has developed a product line, Body Qi, that is all natural and nut free. Her goal was to keep it clean and simple.

Due to popular demand from loyal clients and her staff her oil blends are exclusively used in the treatment room and are now available for purchase.

Come to The Therapy House and have a worry free experience. You can be sure that there are no nuts and no toxins!