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How to Get the Most from Your Massage Every Visit

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Match therapist with Client

How to Get the Most from Your Massage Every Visit

Finding your Perfect Match in a Therapist

Finding the right match is everything in most areas of our life. And massage therapy is no exception. Is there a right way to get a massage? Ask one hundred people – expect to receive one hundred answers. At The Therapy House we believe one size does NOT fit all. So for us, it all begins with making the match.

Everyone seeks therapy for their own reasons and EVERY massage is different.  The answer is within you. And the answer may change from visit to visit. Every session is unique because our needs change over time.

While I don’t believe there is a right way to “receive a massage” I do believe there is a right therapist match for every client. And that match is something that is VERY valuable and will grow and change over time. As every therapist has a different approach and feel you want your therapist to be in sync with you. A good therapist is adaptable and in tune with your changing body and mood.

Know your Goals for Therapy

Some basics to consider before your session; Why are you getting a massage? Do you need quiet time? Do you need time to commune with your body? Are you needing a time out? Looking to be pampered? Or is today the day you just need someone to listen to you? Ask any seasoned therapist and they will tell you that many a good confession happen on a massage table and the details never leave the room.

Building a relationship with your therapist

Trusting your therapist is one of the single most body-beneficial things you can do. Keep the lines of communication open. And even if you are typically chatty during your massage, and one day you’re just not feelin’ it – don’t be scared to say, “today I just need silence”. Therapists come into the industry because they want to nurture and improve peoples lives. They offer a safe haven and a place you can count on to ease your world. Communicate your changing needs.

Bottom line, if you want to receive the best massage every time connect with an adaptable, tenured and talented therapist. Then remember to check in with yourself and don’t be afraid to speak your mind. After all, this is your time and it should be ALL About YOU!

At The therapy House we take the time to ask questions and match you to the right therapist. Every visit begins with a check in of how you are doing and what your goals for the session are. Think about what you’re feeling like and tell us so we can meet the need.

Call today so that we can show you The Therapy House difference.


Jordan Woodson

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