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Jordan Woodson, Owner

Jordan Woodson Massage Therapy Kansas CityLMT, IIN, Master Emotional Freedom Technique Mentor, Nationally Certified Health Coach & Pain Management Expert and the Owner of The Therapy House

When you ask Jordan about her success she is quick to say that her staff pushes her to share her wisdom and knowledge due to their hunger to help people. “As a group we decided that we had to meet and train on all levels of therapeutic healing—physical, emotional and spiritual.”

“Our expertise has allowed us to attract and work with physicians and clients who demand a level of excellence you don’t just wake up with, and for that I am grateful. I am grateful for my talent and education, for my knowing and intuition about providing whole health solutions, and grateful that I get to transform lives doing what I love most. With a cherished, synergistic team that creates massive impact!”

A massage therapist since 2004, graduate of Heritage College and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), Jordan is both a Nationally Certified Massage and Bodywork and Certified Health Coach, a Master Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, a Certified Reiki Worker and the owner of The Therapy House.

Jordan understands first-hand the full power of massage, and how it can transform a life riddled with daily pain, into a thriving new existence. A second chance.

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Early in her career she was injured in a car accident, leading her to seek treatment from her immediate circle of influence; Atila Karolyi, a renowned Massage Therapist and a Certified Physical Therapist, ultimately became her instructor and mentor. While Jordan sought out his expertise to overcome her chronic pain, he quickly took her under his wing, igniting within her a passion for understanding the anatomy of an injury and the best ways to address and alleviate chronic pain as a massage therapist.

This unquenchable thirst to provide clients’ transformation has driven her career through many layers of Advanced Continued Education including Structural Integration, Myofascial Release, Reiki, Health Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique and other modalities proven to serve her clients to the fullest.

Her passion and talent for healing created a long waiting list of clients, ultimately resulting in the opening of The Therapy House and 2012, where she has continued to seek out and hire the highest trained, most talented therapeutic and medical massage experts—therapists who continue to advance their training weekly under her guidance.

While most massage therapy practices squeak by on the minimum 12 hours per year of continued education, Jordan’s team strives to beat their current record of 78; 6.5X’s higher than the certifying boards’ requirement.

Every week Jordan brings her entire team together for advanced training, keeping them fresh, engaged, and filled with the energy they need to serve their clients—while honing the hand skills, and energetically elevating the passion of the studio—to create solid and consistent healers. Beginning with a modality based lesson, then allowing her team of therapists to guide training to the next level allows her team to deepen their knowledge of how to address advanced trauma and provide superior outcomes to new clients.

Clients say Jordan and The Therapy House provide a “certain something you simply can’t put your finger on…”, something beyond the capabilities acquired during extensive training and experience.

She often refers to it as “The Therapy House Vibe”

From the moment you step through her doors, you find yourself taking a deep breath and drinking in the tranquil, healing energy that her space creates.

You watch as her team works in perfect unison, showcasing a comfortable camaraderie rarely seen in today’s world. Her the palpable passion to make a difference in clients’ lives is breathed to life, and exhaled into her local community.

While Jordan still sees a handful of very loyal, long-term clients for massage, the last six months has shifted her primary focus from providing hands-on therapy, to mentoring and coaching her staff to excellence, and providing Whole Health Coaching & Pain Management Pathways for new clients—so she and her team can empower the spiritual, mental, and physical healing they create to more people than ever before.

“He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything.” Arabian Proverb.