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Massage Services

Feeling Strung Out?

Kansas City MassageLet The Therapy House Soothe the Beast inside you!

Here at The Therapy House every massage is CUSTOMIZED to meet your unique needs.

We think of everything so you don’t have to right down to the tiniest detail. Every treatment room is designed with your complete bliss in mind. You will experience cozy cushy heated tables, heated neck-wraps, soothing sounds and quality linens. Let us know what your goal is and we will match you to your IDEAL THERATIST. Choose us for deep tissue, custom pain relief massage, sports massage, prenatal massage or simply to DE-STRESS and RELAX!

Premier Therapeutic Treatments for Your Mind, Body & Soul


25, 50, 80 or 110 minutes

Craving the ULTIMATE stress-eliminating relaxation massage? CLOUD 9 SWEDISH BLISS is calling your name. After you lay upon the heated massage table, your Diamond trained therapist begins by applying light kneading and guiding strokes to induce a state of euphoria as your warming, fatigue relieving neck pillow gently begins to melt away all your built up tension and stress. As you relax, your massage deepens to medium pressure to release buried tension, promote circulation, and create a state of relaxation like nothing you’ve experienced before.

25 Minutes with a Diamond Practitioner: $45
50 Minutes with a Diamond Practitioner: $85
80 Minutes with a Diamond Practitioner: $115
110 Minutes with a Diamond Practitioner: $155

Buy 6, Save 15%:

Package of 6 – 25 Minutes with a Diamond Practitioner: $230 $270
Package of 6 – 50 Minutes with a Diamond Practitioner: $434 $510
Package of 6 – 80 Minutes with a Diamond Practitioner: $587 $690
Package of 6 – 110 Minutes with a Diamond Practitioner: $790 $930


Beyond relaxation, working with a Platinum Therapist brings benefits most often only available at $5,000 spa retreats. When you book a massage with a Platinum Therapist, the highest trained therapists available in the industry, we match you with the therapist most likely to meet your needs. Then, your Platinum Therapist leverages our proprietary, proven system to quickly identify your “key” areas of pain and dysfunction then apply appropriate Therapeutic Massage, Integrative Health and Pain Management techniques to relieve your core symptoms, so you experience immediately, longer lasting relief, and rejuvenation than you’d achieve through traditional massage, physical therapy, or chiropractic treatments alone.

Integrative therapy modalities you may experience include (yet are not limited to):

Myofascial Release: Soft Tissues Therapy & Integration

Trager: Movement Education & Mind-Body Integration

Structural Integration Therapy (SI): Scientifically proven system that restores your body’s balance

And More…

Personalized Therapist Massage is the ideal massage for you if you suffer from Headaches, Tendonitis Pain, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Ankle Sprains & Strains, Fibromyalgia & CFS, Orthopedic Issues, Carpal Tunnel, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Arthritis & Joint Pain, Nerve Pain, Sciatica Back & Bulging Disc Pain, Range of Motion Issues, Compression, Numbness, Tingling or other Chronic Pain

25 Minutes with a Platinum Practitioner: $49
50 Minutes with a Platinum Practitioner: $95
80 Minutes with a Platinum Practitioner: $125
110 Minutes with a Platinum Practitioner: $165

Buy 6 Sessions, Save 15%:

Package of 6 – 25 Minutes with a Platinum Practitioner: $249 $294
Package of 6 – 50 Minutes with a Platinum Practitioner: $485 $570
Package of 6 – 80 Minutes with a Platinum Practitioner: $638 $750
Package of 6 – 110 Minutes with a Platinum Practitioner: $842 $990


50 or 80 minutes

50 or 80 Minutes

Experience the pure indulgence of a couples massage with your special someone, best friend, mother or daughter as you decompress, unwind & re-energize with a relaxing massage lying side by side in our luxury room for two.

For that extra-special partner, consider giving her a blissful experience she’ll never forget by adding her favorite in-house aromatherapy, or skin-silkening body butter. (Believe us, they’ll be grateful)

50 Minutes with 2 Diamond Practitioners: $180

80 Minutes with 2 Diamond Practitioners: $240


*We Accept Personal Injury Cases, Physician Prescription & FSA Insurance*

Medical massage is massage prescribed by your physician, and applied by the most advanced signature therapists and follows a customized protocol to alleviate pain, and restore your body as close as possible to pre-injury condition.

The Benefits of Medical Massage are Clinically Proven, Not to Mention Vastly Superior, Faster Acting, and Longer-Lasting Effects When Compared to Chiropractic, Traditional Massage, or Physical Therapy Alone. 

Clients who’ve experienced medical massage at The Therapy House say our aim to relieve or eliminate their symptoms, rapidly, with as little discomfort as possible is second to none.

By treating the injured area along with the supportive structure of muscles surrounding it, a Therapy House Medical Massage can empower you to:

  • Ease Medication Dependency By Reducing Pain
  • Re-Educate Your Muscles So You Experience Increased Range of Motion
  • Stimulate & Improve Your Circulation
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Increase Joint Mobility
  • Reduce Spasms & Cramping
  • Release Endorphins—The Natural Painkiller!


Namaste Experience…

Send Your Soul Soaring into the Clouds 

When our Platinum and Elite therapists need massage, this restorative-ritual massage is what they choose.

By infusing the long, firm pressure of Esalen massage in tandem with chakra balancing, scalp massage, reflexology, radiant heat and a unique blend of aromatherapy layering you’ll find nowhere else in the world, your therapist empowers your body with total R&R, guiding you along the path to quieting the mind and stilling the soul.

80 Minutes with a Diamond Practitioners: $180
110 Minutes with a Diamond Practitioners: $239 

Harmonic Bliss…

Escape Your Mind When 4 Hands Do the Work of 2

Frequently described as “magical”, this experience gives you the 4 hands of 2 therapists, working in tandem harmony across your body, allowing you to escape deep into a trance.

As is, clients say it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, and when you infuse it with enhancements so it’s perfectly customized to your liking, it’s guaranteed to blow your mind.

50 Minutes with 2 Diamond Practitioners: $189
80 Minutes with 2 Diamond Practitioners: $260 


Restore Your Balance, Without Pressure

NOT A MASSAGE, and unlike anything you’ve experienced before, our exclusive 4 step, 8 oil Aroma-touch therapy is designed to address the common negative factors that influence your physical and emotional health and wellness—returning you to a state of balance.

Each of the 8 Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade aromatherapy oils were hand-picked for their ability to stimulate your body Meridian and energy zones while restoring balance and function to your body systems.

We highly recommend this experience to those that are feeling physically compromised or simply need an emotional reset and release.

AromaTouch+ – $120


Deep Tissue Pain Relief - $15

Our most popular enhancement, and your perfect addition if you desire to release deep, chronic muscle tension, the Deep Tissue Enhancement allows your therapist to leverage pain-free, deep finger-pressure to touch deep into the layers of the fascia, tendons and muscle tissue weeks of tension free days!

Qi™ Pure Plant Aromatherapy - $15

Slip beyond the now and into a zen state when you add 100% natural, and allergy and nut-free signature scents. Crafted in house, with pure plant oils, clients say our aromatherapy induces a deeper, near trance like experience, relaxing away tight, tense muscles and facilitation deep breathing and circulation.

Hot Heaven Melt Down - $20

If you need more than deep tissue massage to combat stress, alleviate tension, and release chronic aches and pain then you’ll love how the Pure Heaven Melt Down means your therapist works deep into your muscles and connective tissue with their fingers thumbs and elbows.

Clients say you’ll experience PURE HEAVEN as we apply liquid “Prossage Heat” to the spot of your choice, allowing your therapist to sink to the deepest levels of tissues, providing the most sumptuous massage you’ve ever experienced, or so you thought, until they melt away tension you didn’t even know you had with our rejuvenating Biofreeze cooling gel.

Face & Scalp Rejuvenation - $20

If your head, sinuses, ears and tiny facial muscles feel tense, or blocked, then you’ll want to add this to your therapy protocol.

Hot Stone Tension Penetration Treatment - $20

Applying hot stones to your back prior to your massage provides a deeper than normal heat to ease your muscle tension, deeply relax your body, and enhance your entire massage experience.

Mint Rejuvenation Foot Rub & Tension Relieving Heat Wrap (15 Min) - $20

Exhilarating, Skin-Silkening Mint Body Butter is rubbed deep into your feet’s muscles and connective tissue to induce relaxation and alleviate aches.

Silkening Body Exfoliation Plus Glow Enhancing Body Butter (20 Min) - $30

Using a skin-softening sisal paid or body brush, your therapist exfoliates you from head to toe, preparing you for your massage, and the liberal application of glow enhancing body butter that follows.

SOUL Euphoria Reflexology Foot Therapy (25 Min) - $40

Lay back and relax as your therapists leverages medium to deep pressure to soothe tension, and induce Pure EUPHORIA for your feet and lower legs, restoring your bodies energy flow, eliminating toxins, and stimulating healthy function of the internal organs.

Qi Bliss Hand & Foot Reflexology Therapy (25 Min) - $45

If your hands and feet feel underappreciated, and uncared for then you’ll love how our therapists dedicated reflexology focuses in on your most critical areas, improving circulation, restoring your bodies Qi, and inducing a euphoric sense of harmony.