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We believe you can look and feel your best every day of your life! And that’s why we exclusively offer the purest quality skin nutrition, Rhonda Allison Skincare, both in and out of the treatment room. This Cosmeceutical line will transform the way your skin looks and feels. Enjoy Beautiful, Healthy Skin from START TO FINISH!

The Therapy House Facial:

Skin Care Kansas City

Our facials feature the highly respected and innovative skincare line, Rhonda Allison. We chose Rhonda Allison, Cosmeceutical line for our studio because it is PURE and Chemical Free while still providing superior RESULTS.

Rhonda Allison skin care line provides outstanding nutrition for daily home use as well as the most EFFECTIVE, safe, RESULT orient professional treatments available in treatment rooms.

Rhonda Allison uses nature as her inspiration and blends the best of active natural ingredients with highly beneficial, scientifically developed compounds to create a synergy of superior professional treatments and customized home care products that will transform the condition of your skin.

Here at The Therapy House, we are delighted to offer customized Facial treatments to address most common skincare concerns including aging, hyperpigmentation, Rosacea and Acne.

Prior to any treatment you will receive a skin analysis and a Professional Recommendation for your unique needs. If you are looking for results-oriented, clinically proven Professional Skincare, look no further than The Therapy House!

Facial Treatments

Beauty Express Facial


There are NO delays on the beauty express! This facial is designed for the woman on the go. A productive session addressing the necessities your face is craving reaping positive results in a minimum amount of time. This “lunch-break” facial includes, single cleanse, skin analysis, gentle exfoliation, masque and moisturizer with SPF. Perfect for the first-time spa experience, or simply to maintain your skin between corrective treatments.

Signature European Facial


Improve the look, feel and health of your skin including everything you have come to expect in a Classic European Facial. Providing a double cleansing process, an in-depth professional skin analysis, manual exfoliation, facial massage, hot steamed towels, masque, serum, moisturizer, eye treatment and SPF.

Customized Corrective Care Facial


Receive all the benefits of our Signature European Facial fully customized by our knowledgeable Estheticians. You can expect a results driven indulgent session including any necessary extractions, a targeted eye boost and a massage zone treatment of your choice. Our professional grade spa line leaves your skin feeling refreshed, supple and renewed. This is the facial for you if you have sensitivities, mature skin, or specific skin conditions which may include acne or rosacea. Rest assured even the most sensitive faces jump for joy after this customized experience.

Men's Facial


The ULTIMATE Man-Experience! All the benefits of our Signature European Facial tailored to a man’s specific skin profile. Instant relief from the irritation of grooming, breakouts, ingrown hairs and environmental exposure. De-stress while replenishing the skin with vital nutrients and deep hydration to reduce the appearance of deep pores, fine lines and discoloration. This facial includes heated neck wrap, hot steamed towels and neck/shoulder massage. Walk away feeling invigorated and ready to FACE your day.


Exclusive to The Therapy House KC    $239

Stop and imagine how excited you’ll feel when you looked in the mirror just three days from now and see a 5, 10 or 20 year younger you gleaming back (the same results you’d pay a plastic surgeon $1000’s for) without any pain, recovery time, surgery, or steep plastic surgeon prices! Now you can easily achieve that dream with The Therapy House KC’s EXCLUSIVE PAIN FREE Tri-Polar Radio Frequency Face & Neck Lift.

Determined SAFE & EFFECTIVE by the FDA, and reveled by clients as the go-to in Instant Face and Neck Treatments, this popular youth regenerator leverages the power of three deep reaching radio frequency waves, in conjunction with a customized rejuvenation serum, to deliver you a wealth of youth enhancing benefits like increased collagen production, decreased fatigue, and the elimination of aging.

Clients at The Therapy House KC will tell you how the Tri-Polar Radiofrequency Instant Face Lift:

  • Diminished jowls and facial sagging for a crisp, youthful jawline and sharper cheekbones
  • Lifted their brows and tightened the skin across their forehead resulting in fewer wrinkles, fine lines and sagging
  • Rejuvenated and transformed tired, sagging eyelids by increasing under-eye skin thickness
  • Transformed crêpey, weathered skin by instilling a plump, fresh-faced, radiant glow
  • Eliminated turkey waddles, cheek bags, flappy double chins
  • Dramatically brightened, tightened, firmed and plumped out skin to reduce wrinkles and sagging
  • And more…

And unlike most Instant Face Lifts, our patients saw results the very same day, even better results by day three, and continue to turn back the clock with each and every treatment.

And because our radio frequency face-lift is both far more affordable, and non-invasive, you’ll experience zero pain, zero skin burn, zero recovery time and results that continue to enhance your youthful glow every time you step through our doors.

So if you’d like to start receiving more compliments on how young, beautiful and radiant you look—to look the very best version of you—and watch the clock roll back further and further with each treatment, guaranteed, we invite you to schedule your first indulgent Instant Face Lift Tri-RF Treatment Today. Packages Available.



Deep Penetrating LED Light Therapy Mask         $30

This is a customer favorite for repair! Our advanced DPL Light therapy is proven to address various facial imbalances with absolutely no pain or downtime. Talk to your Esthetician to find out how LED light therapy can address your specific facial needs. Great for individuals looking to boost collagen, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, inflammation, acne, age spots and freckles.

Advanced Manual/Chemical Exfoliation

Diamond Microdermabrasion $40

Microdermabrasion is an exfoliating treatment that utilizes a mechanical instrument with light vacuum suction to stimulate natural collagen production. Improve the appearance of discoloration, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores and light scarring left by acne. The results are an overall younger, smoother looking complexion.

Corrective Peels $40

This is a targeted chemical resurfacing treatment designed to improve and enhance the look and feel of your unique skin. We offer a variety of peeling solutions for various skin conditions including maturing skin, sun damaged skin, Rosacea or Hyper-pigmentation. A client consultation and skin analysis is required prior to any peel treatment. A series of treatments is recommended for optimal results. Ask your Esthetician to see if you qualify.

Additional Enhancements
  • Restorative Eye Treatment – $15
  • Lip Treatment -$5
  • Sensory Scalp Massage – using CTPG essential oils – $20
  • Hand and Foot Relaxation Experience with Massage – $40
  • Aromatherapy – $15
  • Paraffin Treatment – $15

Choose Zone: elbow, knees, hands, feet

Specialty Spa Treatments

INSTANT PAIN-FREE Tri-Polar Radiofrequency BODY LIFT

Exclusive to The Therapy House KC           $180

If your trouble zones and tricky, saggy spots refuse to disappear no matter how hard you work out, or how right you eat, this FDA Approved, SAFE, EFFECTIVE and PAINLESS anti-aging Body Lift is your answer to instantly shift your curves and sagging skin back into place in the body zone of your choice—without the surgery.

Beyond the fact that this Therapy House KC Exclusive Treatment can empower your body to naturally lift, tone, and re-educate sagging muscles in areas you’d rather not think about—like your “mommy paunch”, your “saddle bags”, your “saggy arms”, your “droopy knees”, and more—clients say this re-laxing, rejuvenating, warming 30-minute treatment feels like the massage we all need and crave. The secret? Tri-Polar Frequency waves which sink deep beneath the surface of your dermis to create Instant Same-Day Results you can see; results you’ll notice even more by day three, and that improve dramatically with every additional treatment. Results cosmetic surgeons charge $1000’s for—with zero recovery time. So if you’re ready to say goodbye to your saggy, misbehaving, frustrating body zones, the ones you’d like to forget exist, using the safest, most effective, and most affordable anti-aging treatment on the market, then you’ll want to book your Instant Pain-Free Tri-Polar Radiofrequency Body Zone Lift to-day. (Packages Available).

Namaste Me Away Facial


The next ascension of facial bliss. Enjoy all the key benefits of our Signature European Facial with added elements of warmth, guided relaxation, and Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Your only obligation is to relax and allow your senses to take hold. Breathe in the layered aromatherapy, soak up the soothing neck and shoulder massage, heated eye pillow, heated neck wrap, and specialized massage treatment to the arms and hands. This is all the bliss of a vacation experience without the fuss of packing a suitcase!

AromaTouch Release


Unlike anything you’ve experienced before, our exclusive 4 step, 8 oil Aroma-touch therapy is designed to address the common negative factors that influence your physical and emotional health and wellness. Using only Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade aromatherapy oils we assist your body in finding its natural rhythm – returning you to a state of balance and well-being.

``Bacial`` Bliss


You’ll love the softer smoother feel of your skin with this luxurious back treatment. Give those hard to reach areas the same benefits as your face with a “Bacial”. Experience deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and extractions to return your skin to a place of beauty and balance.

Men’s ``Bacial``


Give those hard to reach areas the same benefits as your face with a “Bacial”. Experience deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and extractions targeting specific skin needs including problem breakouts, enlarged pores and dehydration for your back. Includes back massage and hot steamed towels.

Rock On ``Bacial``


Engage all your senses with the deluxe back treatment that will leave you feeling profoundly smooth and overwhelmingly relaxed. Everything that you love in the “Bacial” experience with the inclusion of hot stone treatment followed by our exclusive House-Inspired Aromatherapy Body Butter.