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Why Deep Tissue Massage IS for YOU

Pain Free Deep Tissue Massage

Why Deep Tissue Massage IS for YOU

Deep Tissue Massage Isn’t Supposed to be Painful

If administered correctly, by a talented and seasoned therapist, deep tissue massage isn’t painful. That being said, at certain points during the massage you may momentarily feel some discomfort. Warming of the tissues with friction and heating ointment minimize discomfort. The key is to allow the body to unwind gently to access the deeper layers of fascia without pain. Therapists do this by using the proper angle and depth with their knuckles, thumbs and elbows.  Most people report the sensation as “a hurt so good” release if there is any pain at all. Everyone’s tolerance is different so be sure to tell your massage therapist when things such as soreness or pain is outside your comfort range.

Why Request Deep Tissue Massage?

Well, for one it feels AMAZING! You can quite literally feel the tension melt from your body. As the therapist kneads and rubs your muscles you can sense your body letting go and getting heavy. The feel good endorphin’s rush your system and flush all the yuk away. This is about as close to a vacation you can get without packing a suitcase.

Beyond the feel good sensations deep tissue massage is therapeutic. The Myofascial techniques gently strip away adhesion’s and smooth out your fascia. Yes, I know that was a mouthful. In layman’s terms this basically means that your muscles, tendons and connective tissue all smooth out and work together for better balance and flexibility. Equaling less pain and more flexibility.

Warning Label

Yeah, this type of massage should come with a warning label. “Please note; deep tissue massage at The Therapy House is highly addictive and will IMPROVE your disposition and health”.

If you haven’t experienced The Therapy House DIFFERENCE yet PICK UP YOUR PHONE and book with us NOW!



Jordan Woodson

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