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Do you talk during a massage?

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Do you talk during a massage?

To Talk or Not Talk

Therapeutic massage begs the question; Do you talk during a massage? We are often asked this very question at the beginning of a massage. Once again, this one is completely up to you! But here is some food for thought – as there are two very different schools of thought in the industry.

Don’t Talk

Theory number one: silence during body work is what ‘Therapeutic Massage’ is all about. It allows the body to rest , release and reconnect at a very deep level. A kind of way of communing with yourself. This is typically recommended, especially, if you are stressed and never get a moment to yourself. In this case consciously remind yourself to take deep breaths and concentrate on relaxing. Your therapist might ask you some questions in the beginning- be sure to answer these so you can set the tone of your massage. But as you quiet yourself your therapist will pick up on your cues as you drift away.

Tip: If you know you really need the mental break request a Therapeutic Massage that is SILENT. Yes, even if you typically like to talk during your session. This is the time to SPEAK UP! Advise your therapist before your session (especially if you typically chat). You could say something simple such as, “Today I just need to check out, so no worries if I’m silent”.


The second theory is that the healing space of massage is your zone. Often body pain is directly connected to emotional pain and stress. Therefore, ‘Therapeutic Massage’ is also speaking your stress. You’ve heard the phrase “carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders” well, this is not just metaphorical. Pain often exhibits physically. Feel free to let your therapist in on the “why” of your stress. If you need someone to talk to your likely to find a hearing ear in a therapist and often talking through emotions helps the body let go as well. Just keep in mind that therapists are there to listen not to advise. That’s a different kind of therapy!

Therapeutic Massage and The Therapy House Difference

If you have scouted around much on our site you already know that we are ALL ABOUT matching you with the right therapist. If you have a strong preference about silence be sure to SPEAK UP. Our therapists are trained to pick up on your cues but direct and to the point is always a great way to make sure the message is loud and clear. This way your massage experience will be EXACTLY as you prefer! We look forward to hearing how you prefer your time on the table!


Jordan Woodson

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